Friends, family and general cool stuff

Here are some links to the stuff that interests me; to people, places and things I want to promote




Ras Dashen  One of my favorite places to eat. Ethiopian cuisine at its best. 

Dill PIckle Coop  Everyone needs some coop food.

The Raw Food World  A great place for raw food goods online. Based in Costa Rica. I love their cacao powder and dried persimmons. I've bought their maca products, raw chocolate treats, pilli nuts and pilli nut butter too. All quality products.

Farm to Consumer  A non-for-profit organization devoted to protecting farmers and consumers rights to producing, buying and selling healthy foods.

Art, Music and poetry

Shakti Flowers  Artwork and poetry by Britt Posmer


Anna  The Powers I serve.

Lisa G.  Urban Aloha

sarah  Living Well


Hala Kahiki  Truly one of the best Tiki bars on the planet.

OogaMooga  A Tiki mug collector's community. Pics of collections. Mugs for sale and trade.

Bosko  I'm into the Tiki. Plain and simple. This guy's mugs are fantastic.


Etymology  This dictionary shows you the history behind the word you're investigating. Did you know a hussy is a housewife? That's what I mean...

Sensual experiences

Chicago Botanic Garden  A lovely place to walk in any season. Just outside of Chicago. Spend an hour or a day there. Worth it. 

Maxwell Street Market  A Chicago tradition. This grimy, open air, flea market has moved around a bit over the decades, but it's still something to attend. Sundays from 7am to 3pm. Get there early and have lunch before you leave. North of Roosevelt Rd. on Desplaines St. Have good walking shoes, dress appropriately, and watch your wallet. HA!


Frankly, if you have any questions about anything on this page, feel free to call me. This is all stuff I like and am happy to talk about. Of course, scheduling an appointment would be fine too. But really, ask if you have questions.