Yoga View  At Webster and Elston, Allie McMannus is my favorite yoga teacher in the country.

Yoga Now  has lots to offer: yoga, kirtan, dances, lectures and more.

Inner Metamorphysis University  They have a cozy class room and offer yoga, meditation, and more.

Moksha Yoga  Two locations, lots of classes, some Tantric Hatha Yoga classes available.  Allie teaches here too.

Nature Yoga  On Division, also has Tantric Hatha Yoga

Sacred Space Yoga  Indianapolis area, Laura Knapke has a great space here.

Yoga Finder  Here's a worldwide yoga website that helps you locate teachers, schools, jobs, products and anything else yoga related.  I haven't tried it out yet but it seems interesting enough to look through.

Freedom Yoga  Alie McManus is my ablsolute favorite yoga teacher.



For the whole you  This is a Chicago Meet Up group. Simple meditations. Great for beginners and well seasoned folk as well. If you need it, the group title is: For-the-Whole-You-Chicagos-Wellbeing-Meetup-Group

Daily Om This will get you something nice to contemplate on.  Lisa really digs it. Check it out. If you like it you can have a daily meditation sent to you directly via your email.

Osho Chicago Presents monthly dynamic meditation events in Chicago.  Prepare to sweat.

Meditate in Chicago  Vagrayana Buddist Center has various locations in and around Chgo.


Ortho-Bionomy  I love giving and recieving Ortho-Bionomy!  Learn more about ortho-bionomy or find a practicioner in your home town.

Watsu  Harold Dull's Shiatsu done in water is now practiced all over the world.  There's even a video to watch!

Tantsu   Harold's new sight has some very nice comentary from people who have taken the tantsu couple's class.  It also has some nice pictures of how tantsu looks during a session.

Breema  A realy sweet form a floor work with some similar origins as Tantsu.

TriDosha  Monica Yearwood and Laurel Paffhouse are both practitioners of this eastern medicinal practice.