In Breath and Heart!

This is often how I end my letters. To me it is representative of what it is I share with the world and how we are connected.

In so many cultures, the air we breath is considered sacred. It sustains us for sure! Without it we couldn't exist. So few of us think about the fact that our planet's oxygen supply remains at a constant. The air we breath today is the same air Thomas Jefferson, Jesus, the cavemen, even the dinosaurs drew in and out. This same air has gone deep into our cell bodies before returning to our atmosphere, to rivers, the oceans and through all the plants and trees. This, breath of life, truly connects all living things. How can we escape this fact.

Now the heart, although some would say it is merely an organ of the body doing it's function of keeping us alive, I would listen more to the music of it's beat. I don't know of a culture that doesn't use it's image as a foundation for the language of love. We find happiness when we "Follow our heart", being the home of our inner wisdom. The heart pounds with the rhythm of love and life. As long as it's open, it will overflow with the love that we, as sacred beings on this earth, have to share.

Together, the breath and the heart are the essence of Aloha, of Namaste.