My art

I fought the urge to put every picture I've ever taken here. I am fascinated with beauty in all its forms. I love nature, minutia, surfaces, landscapes. I could stare at a flower or some moss as easily as a night sky or city lights. I thought these photos are a good, quick sampling of my art and what fascinates me, what stirs my heart.

At this moment the categories are paintings done in acrylic, Orgone accumulation devices (called Orgonite), agave carvings, nature pictures and other miscellany. There will be more to come. 

As a child, my Mother took me to the theater, museums, the parks and beaches. I collected shells and stamps and coins and pets. I liked sports but it never had the hold on me that some cool rock or strange bug did. I had an eye for all kinds of stuff. Later, for many years I used my hands in wood shops making scenery for theater and film and developed my ability to work with tools and to visualize and design. Today, I paint using acrylics, carve using agave leaves, make Orgonite, and build things for my home of salvaged wood from the renovation.

Making art is like a massage for the spirit

I feel making art is necessary to our emotional and creative maturity and health. Making art is like a massage for our spirit. It nourishes our individuality. Everyone should have such an outlet. I'm grateful I do. This page isn't for recognition, it's for developing my own ability to be genuine and to foster my own sense of self. If you like, or dislike, what you see, feel free to let me know. I'll make more regardless.