Something different

Making Orgonite is something new for me, but I'm having a blast doing it. 

This composite material made of finely ground or shaved metals and organic materials (usually fiberglass resin) fascinates me and combines my interest in creating beauty and my love for the earth. Without getting into the details on how these two materials turn bad energy into good (there's a great link if you click here), I want to focus my energy on my pleasure in making Orgone Energy Accumulators. 
Lisa and I decided to give it a try about three years ago. We both liked making something that would increase the energy of a healing room, a home, or even a neighborhood. After reading some books and watching some videos, we accumulated the materials needed and invited someone who already made Orgonite to come to my home and help us make our first batch. It was a fantastic experience. The strangeness of working with toxic chemicals and working with a science developed from Wilhelm Reich, a man who was so wrongly slandered by the government then imprisoned for his research was very exciting (again, click here).
It also gave us a chance to work with crystals and get all "new agey" together. In this work, play is truly the operating word. We had a blast and we've been making them ever since. 


I'm also flabbergasted by the amount of people who do this, not for profit, but to better the environment of where they live. People take their time to make them then place them around places that produce bad vibes. Mostly cell towers, but areas that might need some help, including parks and rivers of course, but also rough corners, prisons, etc. Places that need some uplifting. There are so many options. It's like making snowflakes, each piece is different, however, each piece is made with love.

Each piece will have a combination of aluminum, steel/iron, copper, bronze, brass and sometimes some gold or silver. In terms of crystals, we have a matrix that includes black tourmaline, blizzard stone, lepidolite, rose quartz, fuschite and much more.

Happy Buddhas


Amazonite, ruby, and black tourmaline just to name a few of the various crystals we might include to add their unique qualities to the mix.

Buddha in spiral cone

The first time setting up was exciting! No clue how much fun we'd have.

Large plate

Moai Men and mini skulls

I made these for the massage table.

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