some Things to consider before you pick up the phone

Of course, I would consider regular weekly sessions the best of all situations. However, I understand the need to live life off the massage table as well. Right now, I'm getting bodywork at least once every two months with the occasional extra here and there in between. I'm working towards a once a month routine. That's what my body wants. Often, clients who come to me have sessions every two to four weeks apart for a few months, sometimes, for a few years. The benefits of receiving bodywork are undeniable. I think everyone on the planet should get some kind of bodywork at least once for every season. What better way to let go of that winter funk, embrace a thorough spring cleaning, loosen up for summer fun, or have a bit of cozy in the fall is there, than getting a sensual and nurturing bodywork session with with someone like me? 

And, of course, even if you're just wanting to experience a single, lovely session, I would be so happy to see you for that as well.


I do make house calls for an additional charge of $100 when traveling a distance of 20 miles or less, or $50 for traveling a distance of 8 miles or less. I usually suggest that the house be void of other people. It isn't good when someone knocks to ask questions or has an argument on the phone in the next room. When everything is in order, however, house calls can be very nice. 


I have different rates for different types of sessions.

Generally, for Tantra related sessions, I charge $200 for a session that will last about 2 hours. This includes the actual session and communication time. 

For Sacred Lomi Lomi I charge $125 for a 75 minute session, and $150 for a 90 minute session. This includes the ceremony starting and closing the session.

For a Tantsu bodywork or Ortho-Bionomy session, I charge $80 for an hour.


Please try to keep them. We all have busy lives and prepping the space for your session takes time and energy. Cancellations less than 31 hours in advance will be charged for the session. Please call as soon as you can if you need to cancel.

Same day appointments are impossible.

Same week appointments are difficult as well. Let's talk and find a good time to get together. It's best to call for a session a week or two in advance.

First time clients!!

I prefer to be called for appointments. Once we meet we can use other media for future sessions. 

Please plan for an extra 30 minutes before we start our first session to get to know each other and to ask/answer any questions. This is free time. No additional charge.

Cash or check please

I'm just not set up for credit yet.

I look forward to meeting with you