What will a session look like?

options to consider.

First thing to consider is, are you coming for bodywork, to build a personal practice or as a part of your personal growth process? So, if you're interested in Tantsu, Ortho-Bionomy, or Lomi Lomi specifically or need to relax and want some bodywork, that's what your session will look like. We'll take some time to dialogue about past injuries and such. But the content of the session will be geared towards the chosen modality. 

If you want to start or enhance your personal practice, your session may look more like a yoga class.

Tantra as a healing modality and Living Ritual can include yoga like exercises and bodywork. There may also be a good deal of dialogue and ceremony. A session for those wanting to do specific work in an advanced tantric practice will also depend on the client's needs and skill sets. In both cases, much will be spontaneous and focused on the needs of the client. When I say "ceremony", I'm referring to ceremonial action, doing things in a ceremonious or reverent way. It is a very useful tool.


Ortho is done on a table, fully clothed. It's very gentle and noninvasive. Light touch, positional releases, and energy work are the main techniques for this modality. It's best to wear loose clothing. Sometimes, Ortho is brought into other sessions. Usually because there is an injury or stuckness that needs some comforting before moving on with the session. If for any reason, you are feeling some kind of pain during any session, or if you're walking in the door with an unexpected issue, like your neck or back giving you hell today, let me know. Perhaps a few minutes of Ortho-Bionomy could do the trick so we can move on with our intended work.


Tantsu is a floor based bodywork done on a mat.  Like yoga, it’s done in clothing that insures privacy, yet loose enough to allow stretching. It is characterized by breath-coordinated, whole body holds, in which the base is supported, while the rest of the body is pressed, moved and stretched to release tension and to restore and deepen connection.  This containment and support helps release tension and access the sources of our energy while providing a place of stillness and peace.

"It's so beautiful.  Some moves had a profound essence to them...at times it felt like I felt like I was flying, at times it felt like when I was being held as a baby. "    ~M.


For combining healing touch and ceremony, the Hawaiians have it figured out! Sacred Lomi Lomi combines touch, breath and dance to truly cause change in both the giver and receiver (practitioner and client). What sets Sacred Lomi Lomi apart from simple massage or bodywork is the inclusion of "sacred space" and "shamanic" intent. HIstoricaly, it was an initiatory practice used with aims of helping young members of the tribe with finding their purpose in it. Why they're there. It was given by the Kahunas (Holy men) and the ceremony would have lasted hours. Today, a Lomi session is still very useful for creating "right alignment" with life. A very powerful tool for detoxification and relaxation too.

It integrates physical and energetic healing techniques with: flowing forearm movements, conscious breathwork, ritual footwork (called flying), a strong presence, the essence of Aloha, and the acknowledgement of sacred space. The session is done on a heated table in a heated room. Your body is covered in a way that allows for contact with the practitioner's long sweeping movements around the table, yet provides for privacy. 

Sacred Lomi Lomi uses LOTS of oil. You may want to wear clothing you won't mind getting oily for your trip home just in case.


Receiving a Tantra session is an opportunity to be safely heard, as you express yourself in an honest and loving way. If you need to laugh, play, scream, cry, or be in peace, I invite you to discuss your needs so we can begin creating your session to help you experience getting what you need in an honoring and empowering  way. The Ritual work of Tantra can vary greatly. Dialogue, centering and meditation, movement, bodywork and ceremony are often key factors. Sessions are co-created. There is often "homework" designed to build one's personal practice and build momentum for the next session.

Be prepared with stretchy clothing for doing yoga type movements. Bring a water bottle if you wish. 


Regardless of modality, take it easy for a while after your session. You may be parched, hungry and a little ungrounded. Drink some water and have a snack or meal if it helps. Rule of thumb is, "Sit before you stand. Stand before you walk. Walk before you drive." I want you to get home safely.

Schedule yourself some down time after your session. Take a couple hours to allow your body to integrate your experience. Then do something fun and physical: dance, go for a walk, swim, something slightly active that helps you embrace life.

When you're ready, call to set up an appointment for another session. 

Left: a tandem Lomi (two practitioners). Above: Tantsu