creating An eclectic tantric practice for personal growth

Although I call myself a Tantric Practitioner, I have to admit that I am very eclectic in the techniques I use and strongly lean towards practicality in how I use them.

I believe that the power of one's practice is in the doing. I'm of the belief that honoring where you're at is where it's at! That in itself will steady a good foundation for a tantric practice and is the corner stone in nurturing self forgiveness and self love. One simply has to allow the time to actually do their practice in a committed way. Intuition and common sense work well together in this matter. Do what's right for you.

The 30 minute rule

I like this rule! 15 or 30 minutes a day makes for a strong practice. Whether it's stretching, meditating, running, reading, it will do wonders for you. But when it comes to city life, to continuously practice a daily routine can be tough. So bend the rule a bit! 30 minutes a day roughly translates into 15 hours a month. That could translate into weekly yoga classes or time at the gym. Maybe some long, weekend hikes or a monthly retreat. Then there's ceremony, meditation, massage and so on to fill in the gaps. Doing it this way isn't wrong. In fact, as long as one is committed to doing something rain or shine, then they are investing in their life in no uncertain terms. Choose how you want to connect with life and the Divine and then stick to it. Call it a yoga of self love. Read more..

Tantra and living ritual

Tantra has many aspects and meanings, it's used as a religious term, it represents schools of thought, it's a yoga style, even a name for a band or two. It's also considered as a technique for sexual enhancement, a means for extending life and a form of magic. My Tantric practice is one of personal liberation, honoring the Divine in all things and building a sense of connection to all. I use various Tantric practices and principles to help people develop their self awareness, develop connectivity with others through conscious touch, breath work and exercise, and learn to create healthy boundaries. Often the key word used when describing the goal of Tantra is "Liberation".  Read more..

As part of a Tantric session, Living ritual is a spontaneous endeavor to create a tangible, parallel or duplicate scenario for the purpose of visualizing and/or experiencing a needed emotional solution to a painful or inhibiting blockage to one's ability to live fully and happily. These rituals take many forms They can be very simple or elaborate. Sometimes, they're done in session, sometimes, as homework.

I feel the gentle, indirect approach I learned studying Ortho-bionomy, combined with my appreciation for ceremony, my experience with creative visualization and history in theater and art has helped me to develop this technique. 

sacred lomi lomi

Sacred Lomi Lomi is a blend of ancient Kahuna ceremony and philosophy, modern bodywork practices, Hawai'ian culture and heart, used to bring someone to a state of clarity and wholeness. Sacred Lomi Lomi's lineage is from Temple Style Lomi Lomi made public by Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, and taught to me by Tom Cochran and Donna Jason. 

For combining healing touch and ceremony, the Hawaiians have it figured out! Sacred Lomi Lomi combines touch, breath and dance to truly cause change in both the giver and receiver (practitioner and client). What sets Sacred Lomi Lomi apart from simple massage or bodywork is the inclusion of "sacred space" and "shamanic" intent. HIstoricaly, it was an initiatory practice used by Kahunas (Holy men) to help young members of the tribe find their purpose in it. Ceremonies may have lasted hours. Today, a Lomi session is still "initiatory", still useful for creating "right alignment" with life. A very powerful tool for detoxification and relaxation too.  Read more..

Tantsu bodywork

This is a sweet and intimate practice that I've worked with for a few years now as well. Based on Shiatsu done in water (Watsu), Tantsu mimics the task of keeping someone afloat while in the pool through cradled holds and stretches. Very loving and comforting. This practice is done on the floor, fully clothed. It refreshes the heart vibes and opens the body up for a more expanded feeling. Focus is on connecting with the base of the spine and the heart, through naturally flowing stretches and stillness based on ease of movement  A session is usually about an hour. Read more..


Ortho-Bionomy is a table based bodywork founded by Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a british Osteopath, in the 1970s. I studied it for some years and have always enjoyed it's noninvasive method of helping the body to correct itself from imbalance and pain. I feel that "Ortho" gave me my foundation for the way I approach and use other healing techniques. Read more..