Local practitioners and schools

MartinBarba.com of course. (Founded as: TheTantricHeart.com)

TantraNova  My first Tantra teachers in Chicago. Always learned something new about myself in every class. Even when taking it for the second time.

Osho Chicago A FaceBook group has annual retreats and hosts meditations

Loving Spirits  Pat Sheehan teaches Ipsalu classes in Indianapolis, Indiana. Yes, it's a three hour drive, but worth it. Fairly local..


NATION WIDE and international, western tantra

Osho.com  all kinds of Osho Tantra related stuff

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga  to learn about Ipsalu Tantra related classes etc.

Urban Tantra.org  "that's dot ORG as in orgasm!" That's Barbara Carrella's way of helping you remember her site.

Loving Spirits  Pat Sheehan teaches Ipsalu classes in Indianapolis, Indiana. A three hour drive from Chicago. Not next door, but I still consider her to be a local teacher.

Ecstatic Living Steve and Lokita Carter teach tantra in California and have some amazing DVDs on sale

Kahua Institute Kutira and Raphael have a beautiful place to learn tantra in a retreat setting in Maui, Hawaii. Kutira also hosts Goddess retreats in BALI

School of Tantra  Kira and Sasha Lessin teach All Chakra Tantra in Maui

Kamala Devi  is spectacular coach, author, and Goddess. A woman of many talents, and someone I genuinely admire.

Temple Red Lotus  Inara de Luna has a school for training in the Quadishtu path of sacred sexuality and more. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tantra-essen  Ayella has a lovely website and lives in Germany. 

Tantra Massage Martina Weiser is also in Germany

Awakening Body  EveLynn is in Central Florida

Dr. Betty Martin  Her site offers information and classes for those interested in learning about the nuances of touch.

Tantra for Women  Evalena Rose provides tools and opportunities to experience conscious sensuality, tantra and loving, open-hearted connection for women's only circles.  Her other website:  Love Journey Tantra  offers the same for both men and women.

ISTA  International School of Temple Arts has events all over the world. 



Tantra-Kundalini This site has some real good text on various topics concerning tantra, chakras, etc.

Jonn Mumford  Also known as Swami Anandakapila is very worth checking out and reading his books.

Exotic India  This site has a lot of info and a huge store to boot.

Dr. Svoboda  I hope Robert E. Svoboda would come to Chicago sometime and teach a class on Aghora Tantra.  If anyone reading this knows him???...

Kali Mandir  Temple in Laguna Beach, California.

Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati  The head Pujari (priest) at the Kali Mandir.

Tantraworks  Nic Douglass writes here.

Aghora videos  Some interesting clips from U Tube of an Aghora documentary.

Sadhus and Yogis  A good basic description of the various sects of Hindu Holy Men and Women.



Khandro  Khandro Interesting information about Buddhism, filled with tidbits about the histories, relationships and symbology of the regions where Buddhism evolved.


Other systems


AumHa-OTO  Information regarding Ordo Templi Orientis, a templaric order reorganized by Aliestar Crowely who some considered a "western Tantric"

FOI Chicago  The Fellowship of Isis is an international organization of people who honor the Goddess.  If you want to meet some powerful women, here's a good place to start.  They host lovely, annual festivals and gatherings for their respected Holidays, here and all over the world. Our Chicago group is very strong.




Life Force Arts  Joan Forest Mage teaches a variety of courses on shamanism and her school offers an entire program for becoming a shamanic healer.

Earth Spirit Wisdom  Amalia Comateros lives in Hawaii/Sedona and has written an incredible book about retrieving the wisdom of the earth.

Peace Place  Shamanic Apprentice Program in the Chicago suburbs.  Well recomended by Lisa.

Shamanic Astrology  It's a slightly different way of looking at the stars.  There's plenty to learn here.