There are many paths that Tantra covers. A Tantra can mean a school of study, like a yoga. Tantra can be a religion, it can travel to the west and become a means of connecting with another person. Tantra can be considered some kind of sexual practice. There are right hand and left hand Tantras. The study of Tantra can be quite confusing. The main thing here is that it's worth investigation. To study Tantra is much like saying one is going to study Buddhism or HInduism. You don't just get a list of rules, do's and don't's. It comes with entire cultures attached to it. Music, Deities, diets, morals, and all kinds of stuff that we usually take for granted in this country. 

So, to say I want to study Tantra, one must realize that there simply isn't enough time in our lives to actually finish the job. Instead, it would be better to say, I'd like to learn how to meditate. I want to connect with my husband better. I want to be more creative in my life. I'd like to learn about Yantras. I need to let go of my painful relationship with ______. I need to feel again. I want to learn about Ganesh. His pictures are fascinating and they call to me. I used to study with _________, but now I'd like to try a different approach. Now with questions like that, we have some options.


Liberation is often a common theme of Tantric and other mystical practices. As our practice brings us closer to understanding who we really are, and our own Divinity, we begin to understand the unnecessary import we give to following the rules that are handed down to us by family and culture. We begin to think outside of the box. Sometimes, we need to get out of the box to free ourselves from our present situation. Twenty five years ago, I was locked into a marriage and a lifestyle that was drowning me. I didn't have the tools for fixing, nor the skills for coping with what was happening. It took stepping out of my box to comprehend that I could create some kind of future for myself. Twentyfive years later, I still have my boxes, but life is much better. And practice makes improvement.

Tantra for women

A practice for liberation and regaining the sensual self.

Let's create a special place just for you. A sacred space that's safe, comfortable, and empowering. A space where you can express yourself in your own way and be heard, truly heard. It's my JOY and HONOR to simply be present with you, to listen to you, and support you in your process of self exploration, self expansion and self expression.

It’s my deepest desire to be your guide and companion through a very loving and sensual process. I want to help you change your life, not through a leap of faith, but through incremental yet unalterable acts of learning to believing in yourself, and expanding into who you really are. Also for getting in touch with your sensual self for living a happier, more satisfying life.

The yoga of tantra is excellent for developing the ability to raise, channel and integrate the creative energies of the 1st and 2nd chakras through: movement, meditation, breathwork and touch to expand your ability to "settle into yourself", to get comfortable "in your Skin/Body". It supports physical and sexual health, reduces stress, and helps to improve daily relationships we have with lovers, family, friends, even strangers.

Part of my reason for having this website is so you can have some options for developing your very own personal practice or discipline (sadhana). I will offer you some "rituals", exercises, and meditations to consider and experiment with. Read more..