My teachers

Mentors and guides


My teachers

Mentors and guides

My biggest teacher

There is no way for me to express the amount of gratitude and respect I have for this woman (my Mother). I owe her more than is fathomable. She knows exactly how to push my buttons. But I am lucky for this opportunity to push past the veil of my own self absorption to see her beauty, her strength, her frailty, and her unconditional love for me. 

Thank you, Mom, for everything. I love you.







The others

Below are an assembly of people who have guided me along my path. Some have websites of their own. Some have passed away. Nonetheless, I thought it important to honor them in this way. Lineage is important. I would like to think I am carrying on their work in a thoughtful, loving way.


Teachers, mentors and guides

Teachers, mentors and guides

Ann hoeffel

Ann was my first bodywork teacher. I studied with her for years and her influence on my practice (Ortho-Bionomy) set the tone for my style of touch and approach. She has a practice (Ortho-Bionomy and Craniosacral) and teaches here in Chicago.



Elsbeth meuth and freddy zental weaver

I can only speak highly of these two people. There classes are transformational. They embody good energy.



Donna jason and tom Cochran

My two teachers of Sacred Lomi Lomi. I love their connection to their work and to each other as a family. Very heart centered people. Beautiful work.



the teachers and students of Ipsalu tantra international

Studying a Tantric path which follows a strict formula and has a strong lineage has been eye opening. I've taken many of their classes over the years and have found their instructors to be impeccable and consistent. Always new insights.


Pat Sheehan is the nearest Ipsalu instructor in the area at present time. She lives in Indianapolis, IN

Loving Spirits


Kutira and Raphael

My first Tantra Teacher loved and played their music daily and had studied with them in Hawaii. Years later, I was fortunate enough to study with them as well. An amazing couple.

Kahua Institute

And to view their beautiful Mauii Temple home and retreat center:



There are many others who've guided me along my path.

Some are dead, some have dissapeared from my life, some still visit and push my buttons whenever they get a chance. I'm grateful for all of them. 

I'm grateful to have had so many people in my life that brought me the gifts of wisdom, experience and love. I am especially grateful for the women in my life, who raised and supported me, and with whom I've had the privilege of sharing my life with. It is through their patience, care, attention and example that I have become the man I am today.